These are some videos I’ve taken over the past week of our new black pug puppy named Marley (Robert Nesta to be specific). He has the same Dam and Sire as Punky, our 1½ year old pug; Punky’s got a new little brother!
He’s now almost 8 weeks old but he was 7 weeks in most of the videos.

Punky with her new brother Marley

Punky’s first time meeting her new brother Marley. This was filmed by my girlfriend Amanda at the breeder’s house when he was just 6 weeks old.

Playful Pug is Playful

Marley the black Pug puppy goin nuts with his newfound favorite toy: the mini tennisball. He’s not even 8 weeks here.

Feisty Pug is Feisty

Marley the black Pug being a feisty little pup playing tug of war with my bathrobe. He’s not even 8 weeks here.

Little Marley at Play

Marley the black Pug at 7 weeks bumbling around; getting scared by the squeaky toy, wondering why Punky’s barking, and finally having a good tussle with his older sister.