Well, last night I got home from my buddy’s 21st birthday to find that I had received the following email:

Hi Ben,

It seems we share the same name. Would you consider selling the rights to either of these domain names?


If you have a price in mind I’d love to hear it.

Ben Harold
Harold Consulting, Inc.

Confused at first, I soon realized that for the first time in my life I had come in contact with someone sharing the exact same name as me. No huge surprise I guess, it had to happen eventually. Anyways, it seems Mr. Harold runs (or is starting) a business named “Harold Consulting” and is interested in purchasing this domain (benharold.com) for use on his business’ website.

In my reply, I explained to him the obvious sentimental value of owning the domain as well as the fact that I already have an established personal site setup at the domain that is highly ranked in the search engines. Taking all that into account, I told him to make me an offer I can’t refuse ;-) . We’ll see what happens.

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