My Father’s latest book, Owning the Sierra Nevada: a short history of a long infatuation came off the presses at the end of June. On this past Sunday, July 9th, the book was reviewed in the Los Angeles Times book review. This has come as a rather big surprise because the review copy of the book that was sent to the LA Times was done only as a long-shot. A review from them, was–to say the least– not expected. The LA Times is one of the biggest and most read newspapers in the country, right behind the New York Times. Hopefully this review will spark more and more interest in the book and cause it to start flying off the shelves. Multiple bookstores have already placed orders for copies of the book after reading the review.

If you are interested in acquiring a copy (or copies) of the book you can contact my Father directly via his website or wait until the book shows up in a bookstore near you; hopefully sooner rather than later.

View a compilation of reviews for Owning the Sierra Nevada.

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